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PGP B12606115101127
Nomads C1250797119107
Lowton St Lukes93139270103
Roe Green C10316819988
Nomads D90091714517


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03/09/2018Roe Green C0vs0Lowton St Lukes
Nomads D1vs17PGP B
Forrest14vs4Nomads C
10/09/2018PGP B12vs6Roe Green C
Nomads C0vs0Nomads D
Lowton St Lukes7vs11Forrest
17/09/2018Roe Green C11vs7Nomads C
Nomads D5vs13Forrest
PGP B8vs10Lowton St Lukes
24/09/2018FREE WEEK
01/10/2018Roe Green C3vs15Forrest
Nomads C6vs12PGP B
Lowton St Lukes0vs0Nomads D
08/10/2018Nomads D3vs15Roe Green C
PGP B3vs15Forrest
Lowton St Lukes13vs5Nomads C
15/10/2018CUP WEEK
22/10/2018FREE WEEK
29/10/2018Lowton St Lukes9vs9Roe Green C
PGP B17vs1Nomads D
Nomads C1vs17
05/11/2018Roe Green C13vs5PGP B
Nomads D1vs17Nomads C
Forrest12vs6Lowton St Lukes
12/11/2018CUP WEEK
19/11/2018FREE WEEK
26/11/2018Nomads C11vs7Roe Green C
Forrest17vs1Nomads D
Lowton St Lukes11vs7PGP B
07/01/2019Forrest13vs5Roe Green C
PGP B10vs8Nomads C
Nomads D0vs0Lowton St Lukes
14/01/2019Roe Green C0vs0Nomads D
Forrest17vs1PGP B
Nomads C10vs8Lowton St Lukes
21/01/2019Lowton St Lukes0vs0Roe Green C
PGP B17vs1
Nomads D
Forrest0vs0Nomads C
28/01/2019Nomads D0vs0Nomads C
Lowton St Lukes0vs0Forrest
04/02/2019Roe Green C0vs0PGP B
Nomads D2vs16Forrest
11/02/2019CUP WEEK
18/02/2019FREE WEEK
25/02/2019Nomads C10vs8Roe Green C
Lowton St Lukes0vs0PGP B
Roe Green C4vs14Forrest
04/03/2019PGP B6vs12Nomads C
Nomads D2vs16Lowton St Lukes
11/03/2019Roe Green C0vs0Nomads D
Forrest0vs0PGP B
Nomads C6vs12
Lowton St Lukes
18/03/2019CUP WEEK
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