For the season 1987/88 Clubs playing in the Leigh League would have to be affiliated to the BAofE as well as the LCBA.

At the AGM in 1987, John Swift resigned as President.  He was a founder member of the League having served in his post as President for the first 9 years, feeling that now the league had reached a state of independence from his neutral guidance.

At a Committee meeting on the 15 Feb 1988, it was proposed and agreed, to hold a tournament for U18’s and Veterans, over 45’s Male, over 40’s Female.

At the pre-season meeting on 1 August 1989, the Committee received 34 applications to join the League.  Div 1 & 2 would be open.  Div 3 & 4 would be restricted to Bolton F, Wigan 4.

The League were also approached to play in a twin town tournament, at Angers in September 1989.  The League asked Club members whether anyone would be interested to represent the Leigh League.  There followed limited response.  The Committee asked Daten if they would represent the Leigh League, which they agreed to do so.  Daten played in the tournament, in Angers, beating teams from France, Holland 1 & 2 and Wigan 2 to reach the final.  They were beaten 5 – 2 in the final by Wigan 1.

At a league meeting on 8 October 1991, it was reported that Clubs were experiencing difficulty in buying Yonex Mavis 300 shuttles.  It was decided that Yonex Mavis 350 shuttles would be used from Jan 1992.

At a Committee meeting on 8 July 1992, the Vets tournament was raised.  Age discrimination was discussed.  Players preferred the age of Vets to be the same.  ie. 40 years for male and female.  It was decided that this should be put to the Clubs at the August meeting.  At the pre-season meeting on 24 August 1992 it was proposed by Ann Owen, seconded by Paula Taylor, that the age of entry should be equal for men and women.  This was agreed.

At the AGM on 23 May 1994, the League received a letter from Andrew Broomhead (Nomads) in connection with the use of feather shuttles and playing 18 games instead of 12.  The Chairman (Chris Genders) outlined the cost increase and asked Club Secretaries to go back to their Clubs and obtain the feeling of members.  The Committee meeting on 20 June 1994 saw the results of the ballots, from Clubs.:

  • To change games from 12 to 18 saw 15% in favour of 18 games, with 85% against.
  • To change to feather shuttles saw 40% in favour of feathers, with 60% against.

At the AGM on 1 June 1998, Martin Farnworth (Walkden) raised the question of changing to 18 games.  The Chairman (Chris Genders) pointed out that most clubs do not have the time or facilities to play more than 12 games, particularly if a club has two matches at home on the same night.  This matter was discussed at great length and was unanimously decided to remain at 12 games per match.

At the AGM on 22 May 2000, the change to feather shuttles again produced discussion.  The Chairman (Chris Genders) said that the League should be brought into line with other Leagues, the views of Clubs was requested.  The Chairman went on to say that the price of feather shuttles had come down considerably.

Andy Batchelor and Malcolm Thompson had already looked into the use of feathers.  They would be too expensive, with their respective Clubs being unable to afford them.  It was decided to remain with plastics for the time being.

Feather shuttles finally ‘got their way’.  At the AGM on 21 May 2001, following great discussion, it was agreed by all at the meeting, that feather shuttles would be used for Div 1.  The shuttles should be of a reasonable standard.

At the AGM on 24 June 2002, the Chairman (Chris Genders) reported that as the use of feather shuttles for Div 1 games had encountered no problems, Club Secretaries should go back to their members to discuss using feather shuttles for Div 2 for the forthcoming season.  The results should be reported back to the pre-season meeting.

At the pre-season meeting on 11 September 2002, Clubs reporting back from the AGM in June, on the use of feather shuttles for Div 2, all Clubs with the exception of Nomads were keen to use feather shuttles.  Nomads agreed to go with all other Clubs decision to use feather shuttles, therefore both Div 1 & 2 would now use feather shuttles.